Happy New Year from us all at Devere Letting Bureau.

I don’t know about you, but as ever, I have made New Year Resolutions and this time I hope to be sticking with most of them. So far I am doing quite well… But there again it is only the 13th Day of January, so time will tell, hey?

After an eventful 2016, many will be hoping that 2017 will bring calmer waters. The effects of last year’s political decisions will continue to be felt across the world’s economies as well as in most of our own homes I’m sure.

I cannot say that we have noticed any detrimental or anything particularly encouraging here in Barnet, it’s just business as usual and I’m feeling quite positive in regard to residential lettings. However, I would be a bit worried if our business incorporated residential sales. Speaking with my contacts, many of whom I have known for years and knew when I was in sales, are telling me that things are quiet – and when estate agents admit as much – you know things must be very quiet out there!! In fact, we have seen a couple of firms close their doors for the last and without wishing to sound too pessimistic, I’m surprised more haven’t followed suit. The motto then for 2017 is ‘expect the unexpected’ I think.

We had a positive end to 2016 year with many tenants moving into property in time for the festive period and I am looking forward to dealing with you all this year.

We are here to offer you honest, impartial advice. Both I and everyone here at Devere Letting Bureau will strive to do our best for you.

Wishing you all the best for 2017