Moisture From Occupation….

We sometimes get phone calls from tenants reporting damp within their properties. However, it should be noted that in most cases the problem is condensation. Condensation is a stream of water vapour which reverts to water on contact with a cold service and some normal daily activities produce a great deal of water vapor which can cause condensation around the home.

This can sometimes cause mold to grow on walls and ceilings, especially in unventilated corners, in cupboards and behind furniture. If allowed to persist, condensation and mold can damage clothes, bedding, floor coverings, decorations and the home itself.

The following guidelines will help diminish these risks:

A low level of heating should be provided at all times, if the property is unheated for long periods, the temperature drops and, when normal activities such as washing and cooking resume, condensation is more likely to occur. A home, which is continually occupied or maintained at a warm temperature, is less likely to generate condensation. Please use any mechanical ventilation system that has been installed and try to safely leave windows ajar. Kitchen and bathrooms need much more ventilation as much more steam is produced in these areas.