I am sure that most competent agents are aware of the new regulations about carbon monoxide and smoke alarms in rented properties. These regulations took effect from October 1st 2015. New and existing landlords wanting to check that they are covered can ring us and if need be we can give you the name of our Gas Engineer and also that of our Electrical Contractor.

Most of the properties we look after do have smoke alarms and I often check to make sure they are working. Carbon monoxide alarms should be in rooms where there is a solid fuel appliance such as gas boilers, gas hobs and gas fires. This is not required with electrical appliances.
Our trusted contractors will be holding stock of smoke and carbon monoxide alarms and also long life lithium batteries. It is not necessary that the alarms are wired in but if they are not, you should be looking for alarms which operate with long life lithium batteries. Most of these alarms have a lifespan of about 7 to 10 years.

Apart from this, we are still letting anything that comes onto the market pretty quickly albeit we are being quite selective in whom we choose as occupiers. At the cheaper end of the market, it would appear that more and more tenants are receiving assistance or some kind of benefit. Anything over say, £3000 per calendar month is taking a little longer to rent with these tenants far exceeding the earnings criteria; indicating a bit of a divide out there.

The property shortage remains, the situation is exasperated by a number of landlords selling off (unable to resist the high, current selling prices) which equal low rental returns. Additionally more tenants are renewing their existing tenancies resulting in a lack of available stock.

Never mind, I’m quite looking forward to November and December. Looking back on previous years, as we start winding down for Christmas  it starts to get busy… It’s a funny old business.