So you buy one investment property, then another and another. Perhaps you have let out the home you’ve been living in due to a change of personal circumstances too. Letting, acquiring and managing one property can be hard enough, but when your venture grows into a portfolio of properties, you need to be on the ball at all times. It can be quite demanding looking after one property let alone a whole portfolio. In fact, many people we talk to have either sold a business or have changed career to become a professional landlord. We know, because these people have trusted us to manage their properties for the last 20 odd years.

We manage a large portfolio of apartment blocks belonging to private, individual landlords and with the backing of our maintenance team and workmen, we’re available on 24 hour call out for all eventualities. As I have previously said on here – it is easy renting a property – anyone can do that. Getting the right tenants and running everything properly is the important part.

If you already own a large number of properties and you’re looking for someone else to take over the management, then please get in contact with us. Maybe you are not satisfied with the level of service being provided by your existing agent or worse still, you are dealing with a managing agent who runs a business via an automated service when all you want is to be able to speak to a human being. Then let Devere Letting Bureau help you.

One of the reasons we’ve been around so long is because people trust and recommend us. My colleague, Paul Alexandrou, has been managing large property portfolio’s for more years than he cares to remember and would be delighted to take over and look after your properties. Our aim is to tailor our service to your requirements and free up some of your own time. If you wish to use a specific maintenance person or company, then we can work alongside them. In addition to providing a 24 hour emergency call out service we carry out regular inspections of a cursory nature to ensure the tenant is not abusing the home or causing damage, liaise with your tenant on day to day issues during the term of the tenancy, arrange payment on your behalf of Ground Rent, Service Charge and Building Insurance, (leasehold property only) arrange inventories and checkouts if required – it isn’t obligatory but we recommend this service. With regard to utilities, we’ll arrange transfer so long as we’re provided with account details. However, it should be noted that BT will not take instructions from third parties. We will collect rent each month accounting to you monthly with a Statement of Account.

We look forward to being of service to you.